Press Release: A●LAP LIMITED!
K-Car racing has become even more exciting now that the HA36V comes in a race-worthy spec. In response to the appeals of our K-Car racing users, the A●LAP has been re-released for a limited production run. The size remains unchanged at 14x6J, with the same inset +28 the A●LAP is renowned for, and in +40, and +45 for use on the street. Of course, the lightweight and heat-dissipating Back Wave Spokes remain unchanged. Adopting a racy Dark Bronze color targeted directly at the racing scene, only a limited number are available.
Dark Bronze (Z2)
Air valve included
Center caps are available separately
Available Sizing:
14x6 +45 4/100
14x6 +40 4/100
14x6 +28 4/100
Press Release: A●LAP LIMITED!
Back Wave Spoke Design
The renowned A●LAP Back Wave Spokes contribute to weight reduction and heat dissipation.
Press Release: A●LAP LIMITED!
Dark Bronze
The Dark Bronze color evokes the feel of the racing scene. The surface treatment, which is different from normal paint, gives it a distinctive edge over the original model. In the 660cc NA class where the majority of vehicles are white, black, or silver, it matches every color perfectly.
Press Release: A●LAP LIMITED!
MK Motorsports