Press Release: HOMURA 2X5RA !

Homura, renowned for its ubiquitous high-quality cross-spoke wheels introduces a new proposal, the RA Series. Following in the footsteps of the ground-breaking 2x7RA, the new 2x5RA furthers the RA Series' pursuit of design and innovation. The design theme of the RA Series is the circumferential view, in other words creating eye-catching rim designs with enchanting depth and a strong conservative silhouette. The newly designed RALC reverse rim perfectly harmonizes the scale of the 2x5 spoke layout and its large openings, and the rim’s enchanting depth enhances its sense of width. What the HOMURA 2x5RA brings to the table is nothing short of an overwhelming personality and presence with an innovative balance of toughness and elegance.

Colors are available in Glossy Black/Rim DMC (BAJ) and Grace Silver/Rim DMC (QAJ). Center cap and air valve is included.

Available Sizes:
19x8.5 +45 5/114.3
19x8.5 +38 5/114.3
20x8.5 +45 5/114.3
20x8.5 +38 5/114.3
19x8.5 +45 5/112
19x8.5 +38 5/112
20x8.5 +36 5/112

Press Release: HOMURA 2X5RA

Press Release: HOMURA 2X5RA

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