Volk Racing TE37 Ultra Large P.C.D. M-Spec


For the high power SUV, TE37 ultra LARGE P.C.D.

The TE37 ultra enhances the lineup of the high performance car. Lighter and stronger in stiffness are for fitments to the SUV and 4X4 such as the Land Cruiser.

TE37 ultra LARGE P.C.D. M-SPEC

  • Method:Forged 1pc. Wheel
  • RAYS original test:Clears JWL&JWL-T standards
  • Color:Bronze (Almite) (BR), Matte Dark Green (MG)
  • Optional color:OP-2:Extra ¥3,000 from BR color
    Hyper Blue(HL), Hyper Red(HR), Racing Green(IG): Extra ¥4,000 from BR color.
  • Included:Air Valve
  • Optional:Center Cap


    *All images are referral to the color of the rim only. (Not sizing).

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