The long-awaited white color is now available for the 57CR! The 5-spoke "57CR" model, which began with the 57C, the origin of the gramLIGHTS, is now available in white color. The highly visible white color, which is used in harsh motorsports, has a different presence in the street scene. The performance features of sports wheel are also well-developed. Knurling finish reduces tire slip, and the 5-spoke design makes the wheels lightweight.

Color is available in White (OXZ). Air valve is included. Optional center caps available to purchase separately.

The colour demanded for sports wheels
Various things can happen in motorsports, such as driving hard over curbs or taking an unexpected crash. In such situations, it is important to manage the durability of the wheels that are used heavily. The white colour makes it easy to check the condition of the wheels and get rid of any worries about driving.
Of course, the white colour, which is popular as a sports wheel, also stands out from others in terms of dress up.

Knurling Finish
Knurling finish added to the bead seat minimizes wheel and tyre slippage, which tends to occur when large traction is applied, minimizing traction loss and changes in tyre balance.

Spoke Logo
The RAYS logo and gramLIGHTS iconic '57' are placed in two places on the spokes to serve as a design accent as well as a copy guard.