Advan Racing R6 18" 5x100




The R6 design is rooted in the ADVAN Racing RG-D2 and fused with the deep rim concept to deliver the R6. Long-awaited 18-inch have been launched, in addition to the 20-inch sizes introduced in 2019.

Thanks to the Mold Form Forging method, this model achieved almost the same weight as the flagship ADVAN Racing GT.

ADVAN Racing R6 uses the “Advanced Side Cut” where the six spokes join the hub, minimizing weight without sacrificing rigidity.

The Deep-Step rim is available in three depths: Standard, Medium, and Extra, Using the step rim allows all of them to be set deeper than the ADVAN Racing GT.

The ADVAN Racing R6 logo is embossed on the face of the spoke with a 3D processing machine, expressing the wheel's quality and authenticity.

Anti-tire slip feature on all sizes prevents tires from spinning on the rim.

The color selections vary between the 20-inch and 18-inch sizes. The standard “Machining & Racing Hyper Black” and R6's image color “Racing Candy Red” are available in both 20-inch and 18-inch wheels. wheel lineup is also available in the high-end “Machining & Black Coated Graphite,” for a total of three colors. Additional colors include “Racing Titanium Black,” “Racing Copper Bronze,” and “Machining & Racing Brass Gold.” Not every color is available in every size.)

Available rim size options:

  • 18"

Available PCD options:

  • 5x100

Available colour options: 

  • Machining and Hyper Platinum Black (MHB).
  • Racing Titanium Black (TBK).
  • Racing Copper Bronze (RCB).
  • Racing Candy Red (RCR).

Rim Depth:

  • S: 41.5mm
  • M: 54.5mm
  • E: 70.5mm


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