Advan RZ-DF2 for FK8/FL5



Originally scheduled to appear in 2022, the RZ-DF2 will be fully prepared and on the market in the spring of 2023. As the successor to the RZ-DF, the first model in the ADVAN Racing mold-form forged line, the RZ-DF2 has been redesigned from scratch with an outer rim + twin spokes that inherits the design essence of the original.

One year after its unveiling at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon, the new model has undergone further detail improvements and has reached a higher level of refinement. Diamond cuts have been added to the wheel centers for a more intrepid look. Another example is the evolution of the popular Racing Hyper Black color to Hyper Platinum Black, which further enhances its metallic shine.

Five types of concaves inherited from the ADVAN Racing GT BEYOND and a barrel rim profile that can accommodate large brake rotors are adopted, and what’s more, the “ADVAN Racing RZ-DF2 MOLD-FORM FORGED” logo engraved on the diagonally cut surface surrounding the bolt holes using a 3D processing machine.

The basic concept at the time of presentation, of course, remains the same. Furthermore, a 20-inch model of the RZ-DF2 is under development, and we plan to continue expanding the lineup. Three color variations are available: “Diamond cut & Hyper Platinum Black” and “Racing Titanium Black” with a diamond cut outer rim and center section, and “Racing Titanium Black” without a diamond cut for a more aggressive image.

    Available rim size options:

    • 19"

    Available PCD options:

    • 5x120

    Available colour options: 

    • Diamond cut & Hyper Platinum Black (DHPB).
    • Diamond cut & Racing Titanium Black (DRTB).
    • Racing Titanium Black (TBK).


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