Advan TC-4 SE 17"



  • A special edition of ADVAN Racing's popular TC-4 model is now available.
  • The special edition adds an extra element to the completed design with a dynamic 5-spoke configuration and characteristic side cuts to make it even more attractive.
  • Its name is ADVAN Racing TC-4 SE.
  • It comes in three colors not available on the original TC-4: “Racing Hyper Black,” “Racing Gloss Black,” and “Racing Indigo Blue.”
  • The center cutting process, which was inherited from the first model to the TCⅡ and TCⅢ
  • but was not used in the TC-4, has been revived. Of course,
  • the sides of the bolt holes are also meticulously machined, and the center section completely
  • realizes the diamond-cut aluminum surface specification.
  • The ring machining process of the original TC-4 is continued,
  • along with the cutting process for the center section, which results in a higher level of quality.

Available rim size options:

  • 17"

Available PCD options:

  • 4x100
  • 4x98
  • 5x112
  • 5x114.3

Available Colours:

  • Racing Hyper Black & Diamond Cut (HBC).
  • Racing Indigio Blue & Diamond Cut (IBC).
  • Racing Gloss Black & Diamond Cut (GBC)


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