gramLIGHTS 57C6 Spec-M


Evolving towards a more sports-oriented mindset.

The 57C6 boldly advances the mainstream with its authentic 6-spoke design. Continuously evolving as a true sports wheel that always aims higher, it undergoes specification upgrades. Compared to the 57C6, weight reduction is achieved by revising the processing of the center cap and center circle section.

Designed for easy daily maintenance and featuring the popular super dark gunmetal finish, the "57C6 SPEC M" enhances its appeal with "gramLIGHTS Blue" spoke stickers, imparting a sporty impression. This wheel further evolves the conventional style in the compact car scene.

57C6 Spec-M

  • Method: Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • Safety Standard: JWL+R Spec1
  • Colour: Super Dark Gunmetal (AXZ)
  • Included: Spoke Sticker(Blue), No.102 GENERAL CAP V4 (BK-Hairline/GR), No.59 SNAP IN AIR VALVE 2 (TR-413)


*All images are referral to the colour of the rim only. (Not sizing).

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