gramLIGHTS 57CR Limited 19"

SKU: 58369052295OXZ

The long-awaited white color is now available for the 57CR!

The 5-spoke "57CR" model, which began with the 57C, the origin of the gramLIGHTS, is now available in white color. The highly visible white color, which is used in harsh motorsports, has a different presence in the street scene.
The performance features of sports wheel are also well-developed. Knurling finish reduces tire slip, and the 5-spoke design makes the wheels lightweight.
The "57CR Limited" now arrived.


57CR 2324 Limited Edition

    • Method:Cast 1pc. Wheel
           ※Knurling Finish
    • RAYS original test:JWL+R Spec1
    • Color: WHITE (OXZ)
    • Included:Air Valve
    • Optional:Center Cap, BOLT&ADAPTER SET

※Please refer to the "option parts" tab below.


    *All images are referral to the colour of the rim only. (Not sizing).

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