MXP Comp RS for 2017+ Civic Sport Hatch



Helmholtz + Race Muffler system

The Comp RS Exhaust System line from MXP introduces a more aggressive sounding system at a lower price. It’s the perfect exhaust for those seeking outright performance without the premium cost of other systems. Even though it is a value minded system, the Comp RS Exhaust System line still features many of the same advantages as the SP Spec Exhaust System line.


Material: T409/401 Stainless Steel Construction
Layout / Weld Type: Four-piece / TIG welded
Muffler(s) / Resonators: Twin mufflers w/ Helmholtz, one resonator
Flanges: Slip Fit, Stamped SS (1.7mm)Tip Dimension:
Tip Design : Adjustable Blue Burned Tips

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