Versus Craft Collection VOUGE LIMITED 6HOLE MODEL


SKU: 11950803816GX

Glossy Black brings out the new potential of VOUGE

The long-awaited 6 Hole model has returned to VERSUS’s long-running hit wheel, the VOUGE. While maintaining the gorgeous appeal of the multi-surface design with its delicately folded curves, a new LEXUS LX and LAND CRUISER 300 series exclusive 6 Hole/Large P.C.D. specification has been created. It has been finished with the smash hit 2022-23 limited edition Glossy Black color from the VOUGE 2223 LIMITED 5 HOLE MODEL. The Glossy Black color highlights the depth and dimensionality of the design, with a chrome-like shine that embodies a “mature beautiful black”, the perfect complement for a luxury full-sized SUV. Furthermore, LEXUS LX and LAND CRUISER 300 series hub-centric specifications have been adopted to ensure safety and comfort by reducing balance problems caused by large tire installation, etc.


  • Method: Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • Safety Standards: Clears JWL&JWL-T standards
  • Colour: Glossy Black(GX)
  • Included: RAYS HIBOSSCAL® Sticker (Chrome), No.21 INSIDE ALUMINUM AIR VALVE BK, No.72 GENERAL CAP V1 HI BK/Chrome

Note: Quantity is per set.

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