Versus Craft Collection VOUGE LIMITED 20"


SKU: 11950854541GX

Glossy Black brings out the new potential of VOUGE

More than 10 years after its launch, VOUGE's popularity still hasn’t faded. In addition to the multifaceted surface design with delicately layered curved surfaces, the colors that make its innovative design shine even brighter are another of VOUGE's many charms. RAYS has applied many advanced surface treatment techniques to VOUGE: ‘Cromo Italiano’, which focused on quality, and ‘Purple Cromo Doppio’, which changed color when the light shone upon it. This time, we are offering ‘Glossy Black’ as a limited-edition color for the 2022-2023 year model. Even in the new monochrome finish, none of VOUGE’s staggering originality is lost. The new color highlights the depth and dimensionality of the design, with a chrome-like shine that embodies a “mature beautiful black”. The monotone coloration raises VOUGE's potential to a new level.

Craft Collection VOGUE LIMITED

  • Method: Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • Safety Standards: JWL+R Spec 1
  • Colour: Glossy Black(GX)
  • Included: RAYS HIBOSSCAL® Sticker (Chrome), No.21 INSIDE ALUMINUM AIR VALVE BK, No.72 GENERAL CAP V1 HI BK/Chrome

Note: Quantity is per set.

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