Versus Craft Collection VV21SX 5H for Jimny


SKU: 12266552015M4

Matte Diamond Cut/Matte Graphite debut

The VV21S once again pursued satisfactory adaptability to diversifying modern car styles and focused on advanced design details and expression of high-quality texture. The VV21SX, which is an evolved model of VV21S, follows this concept and has been developed as the definitive crossover wheel that works well both on- and off-road. This time, a new color, Matte Diamond Cut/Side Matte Graphite debuts as part of the Versus Craft Collection. The new finish highlights the charm of the VV21SX from a different angle. The surface machining brings the narrow-diameter Y-spokes into sharp relief and the deeper sections. The relief pockets, which directly link to weight reduction, and the shape remarkably rounding toward the center are symbolic beauty forms of this model. The differences between the light and the shade brought by the new color refresh the beauty form, making the wheels look friskier and sharper. The structure that truly functions as off-road is combined with the latest finish looking stylish. The limited collection that Versus is proud of debuts here.

VV21SX 5 Hole Model

  • Method: Cast 1pc. Wheel
  • Safety Standards: JWL&JWL+R Spec 1
  • Colour: Matte Diamond Cut/Side Matte Graphite (M4)


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