Versus Mode Forged L-01

SKU: 12971854295SG

Clarity is the essence of beauty

The VMF L-01, which exudes a mature charm, exudes a sense of luxury due to its simple beauty.
The thin, edgy fin spokes and large diameter add a sense of elongation, creating a beauty that can only be achieved by forging. The VMF L-01 not only looks great, but also has a presence from the ground up due to its maneuverability, meeting the demands placed on wheels due to the increased weight of vehicles such as EVs these days. In order to accommodate the increase in vehicle weight, the VIA limited load value corresponds to 840kg. By passing our own original tests, we ensure even greater safety. At the same time, it is lightweight and provides the beauty and performance that can only be achieved by forging.

VMF L-01

  • Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel
  • Safety Standards: JWL+R Spec2
  • Colour: Semigloss Black(SG), Shining light Metal(SI), OP-2 Colours available at extra cost
  • Included: No.12 VMF CAP BK-Almite, No.13 VMF CAP Buff, No.56 ET1 AIR VALVE BK


*All images are referral to the colour of the rim only. (Not sizing).

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