Volk Racing G025GC

SKU: 06872904595BT

The ultimate strength

A wheel with the unique characteristics of RAYS forged wheels, boasting absolute strength and rigidity, has been born to support the heaviest machines. VOLK RACING's design aesthetics are characterized by "purposeful lines" and "shapes with intent."
Not solely for design's sake, these wheels are created to possess both the necessary functionalities for street cars and stimulating forms. They feature awe-inspiring forms, VOLK RACING's distinctive details, and the emotional shapes unique to the G-Series, all of which captivate onlookers.
To elevate the design of the G025 and support the largest sizes, we made various modifications to its structure. The spoke's cross-sectional shape is wide, rugged, and sharp, accentuating its three-dimensional and edgy appearance.
Furthermore, by utilizing structural analysis technology, we significantly enlarged the weightless holes compared to the base model G025, while maintaining a minimum reduction in the side surface, thus achieving the ability to withstand the weight of the targeted vehicles with ease.


  • Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel (Reverse Rim)
  • Safety Standard: 5H model: JWL+R Spec 2, 6H model: JWL&JWL-T+R Spec2
  • Colour: Blast Black 2 (BT), Shining Light Metal/ Rim FDMC (SI)
  • Included: No.4 VR CAP MODEL-01 LOW BK/SL (O-Ring), No.99 VR CAP MODEL-01 LOW DC/SL (O-Ring), No.56 ET1 AIR VALVE BK
  • Optional: Vehicle Specific Parts Set


*All images are referral to the colour of the rim only. (Not sizing).

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