Volk Racing NE24 Club Sport 5x100

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The best solution for pursuing swiftness

The NE24, the first new series and design in seven years for VOLK RACING, is a completely new evolution line following the TE, CE, and ZE series, and represents a new axis in sports wheels.
Domestic and foreign automakers have been introducing hot models in the C-segment, a vehicle class range, and these days, attractive power battles are being waged. The "NE24" is a wheel that can compete realistically in such a new movement in the extreme battlefield. This is the mission of the "NE24.
The "NE24 Club Sports," which has evolved as a further sports model, has been developed in "aggressive sizes" specialized for tough use by narrowing the rim width and inset for each vehicle model, based on the basic premise of achieving the optimum balance of strength and lightness required of a sports wheel.
While maintaining the slim 2x4 spoke layout and triangular spoke ends, the center part, which is subject to the greatest stress, has been further updated by reducing the weight as much as possible based on the latest rigidity theory. Also, the undercut portion of the spokes has been modified in multiple steps to create a three-dimensional structure even in narrower sizes.
The next-generation sports wheel created by fully introducing RAYS' unique forging technology, analysis technology, and its cutting-edge methods, is continuously inheriting the lineage of EVOLUTION.

NE24 Club Sport

  • Method: Forged 1pc Wheel
  • RAYS original test: JWL+R Spec2
  • Color: Black (BK)
  • Included: Sticker Set, No.49 EUROPEAN ALUMINUM VALVE RAYS BK
  • Optional: Centre Caps, Vehicle Specific Parts Set

*Centre caps used for display purposes only.
*Pictures illustration of colour only.

Note: Quantity is per set.
Note: Aftermarket suspension required to run 18x9.5 set ups on ZD8/ZN8.

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