Volk Racing TE37 Sonic SL 16"

SKU: 06286554492PG

The title of Super Lap.

The name of SL/Super Lap indicates the superb laps with satisfaction.
Everything is prepared for those to get satisfaction and to get faster. And all things come to fruition, the VOLK RACING TE37 SONIC SL is generated. Improving TE37 SONIC which has the perfect performance as a sports wheel, gets enough tuning to be named the title of SL. It provides -100g less weight with a center capless feature, reducing weight on each area, while each component is reinforced without neglect and numerous tryouts of analysis. For the color section, It colored Pressed Graphite same as a TE37SL. And, the spoke sticker which is one of the titles of SL has changed its design and layout as the brand new icon for TE37 SONIC SL.
Everything is for your driving satisfaction, this is the TE37 SONIC SL.

※Optional Center Caps cannot be fitted to this model.


  • Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel
  • Safety Standard: JWL+R Spec 2
  • Color: Pressed Graphite (PG)
  • Included: Stickers, No.58 INSIDE ALUMINUM AIR VALVE RAYS RD