Volk Racing TE37 Ultra X

SKU: 06480854516BT

The Fate of Evolution

The TE37ultra series was designed to be the most powerful 6-spoke wheel to meet the needs of larger and more powerful high-performance cars. From its birth to the present, the TE37ultra series has evolved and many derivative models have been created for all categories. Now, a new model, the VOLK RACING TE37ultra X, has been added to the lineup for large 4×4 machines such as Land Cruisers. The result is a product that leaves no stone unturned in the analysis technology that has been fed back from the WEC, Super GT, and various race tracks, as well as the know-how accumulated in the series. Not only did we seek strength for large 4x4 machines, but we also optimized strength and light weight by reducing the weight by 500g from the LARGE P.C.D. model through machining process. And it is not only rugged, but also sharp and solid handling with its high performance and sharpness is realized by the decoration with patented technology and new colors to tighten up the foot regardless of on/off scene. The VOLK RACING TE37ultra X is a testament to the evolutionary destiny of driving and performance.

TE37 ultra X

  • Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel (Reverse Rim)
  • Safety Standard: JWL&JWL-T +R Spec 2
  • Colour: Blast Black2 (BT)
  • Optional: Center Cap


    *All images are referral to the color of the rim only. (Not sizing).

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