Volk Racing TE37XT For J

SKU: 06456552015BC

Designed for the smallest 4x4 vehicle in the world.

TE37XT for J is designed exclusively for the smallest 4x4 vehicle in the world: Jimny. The disk surface layout is different from the other TE37 series with enough strength and lightness. Different disk faces are prepared for this model, for Jimny is a Flat Cone type, and for Jimny Sierra is a Deep Cone type to provide a lightweight and optimized shape for a suitable inset. In addition, RAYS patented technology A.M.T which is titled VOLK RACING is adopted on 2 parts of the outer rim. It argues itself as the latest model. For the color feature, it adopts the Bronze almite which is the pronoun color of TE37 and Blast Black which is new standard color since 2019. Furthermore, a special color Matte Red is also prepared as a new proposal from RAYS, and it expands possibilities of the 4x4 dress-up style. VOLK RACING can acquire high quality and certain technology.
Running in the wilderness and grinding over rocks: this is the VOLK RACING TE37XT for J.

TE37XT for J

  • Method: Forged 1pc. Wheel
  • Safety Standards: JWL+R Spec2
  • Colour: Blast Black (BC), Bronze (BR)(Almite)

Note: Quantity is per set of four wheels